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Hassebrook Show Lambs   - Nebraska's NEWEST Show Lamb Source!

Shower Chicken x Fate

Raised by Middlesworth, Owned with Hobbs






Underdog x The Edge
Owned with Diamond C






Nature Boy X 54
Owned with Went Livestock

We were very proud to offer half interest in this sheep during our first online sale in 2017. As he's matured, we've gotten even more excited to turn ewes out with him. He is picture perfect from the side, huge backed and flawless on his feet and legs. We don't have anything else to say that the pictures don't say.






Dynasty x Stonewall x Angry Bird

This little April born buck lamb was a stand out in our 2017 late set. We love viewing this sheep as he tracks away. His width, dimension and correctness of hip and rump shape is second to none. On the set, on the move and on the loose in the pen, his huge creased up back is unreal. What's more exciting is that he combines all this power and muscle into a correct, good bodied profile. He's rugged in his skeleton and functional in his design.

We're excited about him and we're sure you'll be excited about his offspring.






Road Rage x Trigger x AOK/Grand Slam

Owned with Willoughby
High seller in the 2017 Premier Ram Sale

This sheep is exactly what we all try to do: cross two outstanding individuals and make a great one. His mom is a tremendous Trigger x AOK/Grand Slam ewe we bought online from Brian Johnson. She has been a true matriarch before this guy raising daughters that have produced the likes of Good Vibration.

What we like best about this sheep is that he takes everything that is good about both parents and combines it into an elite package.  We'll save the additional superlatives and let the sheep talk except to say this… We call him the Macho Man around here, first because he bulges in all the right places. And also because if the late Randy Savage raised sheep, he'd only need two words. OH YEAH.





2016 Keeper Buck Lamb
Stonewall (HD Genetics) X Angrybird/Dimension

The Nature Boy has been a standout at Hassebrook Show Lambs from day one. Everyone who has seen this sheep has been blown away by his massive hip and rump, width of loin and superb rib shape. He perfectly combines the power of Angry Bird on his maternal side with the design and body shape that HD Genetics is know for. He brings it together flawlessly on the move with a wide tracking, yet correctly made set of running gear. Why the Nature Boy? Just ask Rick Flair himself.







Texas Turnpike x Tundra/Trigger

Power will never go out of style.  Power with eye appeal, that’s what wins shows.  From the day he was born this sheep has exuded power, shape, dimension, and quality.  He is opened up from front to rear yet still balanced, shallow chested, and great bodied.  But what makes him truly unique is how shapely he is.  He’s not a plain shaped massive buck. His muscle is crisp and expressive.  He’s the kind you can mate to anything and know the result will be a profitable, competitive sheep everyone will admire.  They’ll be powered up and full of muscle and shape, yet balanced, correct, shallow, and the right kind of look from the side.  Make plans to be in Bellwood with ewes on August 1 and 11 so you can make your own good vibrations next lambing season. Contact for details, this guy is popular.





Reference Sires


Party Fowl x Dimension/Wildfire

We knew from day one this guy was special ... so did everyone that stopped to look at sheep that week as well.  He’s been a farm favorite ever since and epitomizes what we hoped would happen when mating Party Fowl on our Dimension ewes.  He offers as exotic a silhouette as you can find anywhere, while still setting down on a big foot with ample hair and shag.  Complimenting his picturesque look is a big loin, square hip and plenty of rump to make this guy the profile sheep that packs a punch from behind.  We expect big things out of this stud.  His offspring will make the cut from behind and be the kind that not only are hard to beat in class but have the unique look needed to win.  We are excited to offer his cutting edge genetics in Bellwood on August 1 and 11.  Contact for details and get in on this stud before space fills up.




Fowl x Stud Duck (Fowl’s Mother)
Raised by Middlesworth, owned with Middlesworth and Droppert

We were excited to add this tightly lined up stud to our ram battery this year.  He was part of a great flush of the one of the elite Stud Duck donors at Middlesworths.  We think this blend of Stud Duck with Dirty 30 will click on our ewe base. We expect this guy to bring the quality and bells and whistles to hang banners.  He’s elite though his chest, ideal foot and bone, with that extra shot of hip and butt needed to hang banners.  Additionally he has the touch and added extension that separates good ones from great ones and the silhouette judges want to take pictures behind.  We look forward to his 2015 impact on our flock. 




Polar Vortex X 4D X Ceasar
Owned by Middlesworth Club Lambs

This sheep needs no introduction. After seeing him and his lambs at Middlesworth Club Lambs last winter, we knew we needed to breed to him. We are excited to add his unique pieces to our ewe base and can't wait for his babies to hit the ground in Bellwood. Thanks to Middlesworth Club Lambs and Kennedy Livestock for allowing us to AI to this stud.




Reserve Grand Champion
2013 Houston Stock Show
Sired by 318 54's sire

318 White Rock Son
Raised by John Fastert

We again used the service of 54 for the 2015 lamb crop. 54 proved himself this past season. Although we didn’t have many ewes bred to him, he by far exceeded our expectations. He sired the popularPremier 10 leadoff wether Mark Walker purchased that won subsequent TBSS shows in Texas. He sired a blue ewe that was reserve Natural at Nebraska. His late wethers were well received including a late wether purchased by Tristan Harbour that won his class both days at the Heart of Texas. He sired our popular ATeam wether Randy Hill purchased that the Wiss family just showed to 2ndAmerican Royal. 54 also sired the ram “Snapchat” of which half was sold to Hild and Kershner. What’s amazing is he did all this in having very few buck lambs born. We are excited to see what 2015 holds. Thanks again to John Fastert for the opportunity to utilize this outstanding sire.

2nd Place Hamp
2014 American Royal
Sold at Premier 10




Angry Bird


Brickyard x Night Moves/Wildcard
Owned with Droppert, Hild, Gourley
We didn’t have early Angry Bird lambs last year. However we were really excited with the March and April lambs we got. We used him for late December and January lambs this year. We think Angry Bird on Pearl Snap daughters will be a phenomenal cross for us. Yet we also think he can work well on our other females. Angry Birds progeny are stout featured setting down with a big foot and the bonus of additional fuzz. He is wide made with ample top shape and a square hip with added lower butt shape.
We are excited for his upcoming crop.




905 (803 x Miller the Driller) x 4DLarge / Ceaser

We were very fortunate to come across this Garret/Brister bred genetic gem.  The long run to Texas to get him brought home was well worth it.  He has overwhelming touch and muscularity with the added bonus of having some turn to his rib and a great chest to flank underline.  This guy’s shape is unmatched, especially from behind.  We can’t wait to inject his pure power into our program. 





54 x Nikon/Wildfire
Owned with Hild & Kershner
We were excited about this guy when he hit the ground. He didn’t disappoint as he grew out either.Study his photos, he is truly as cracked open as it gets. Super wide based, yet he blends his shoulder perfectly into his forerib all the while being super shallow and impeccable in his body shape. He brings the Nikon rack shape to the table and is big rumped with extra stoutness of foot and the bells and whistles of the coveted shag. We won’t have many early lambs out of him but will use him late this year. Expect him to see heavy service in lamb crops to come as he is hard to make. Make sure to check out the Hild and Kershner flocks for their January lambs out of this guy.






Brickyard x Barracuda
We were excited to breed a handful of ewes to this unique sire. Super shallow, super shapely topped,square loined, with a big hip and gluteal pop make this guy one to consistently stamp his offspring with the power to get pulled on the handle and the eye appeal to hang around on the profile. We had a few late lambs out of him in 2014 and are excited for the early 2015 progeny of this wild profiling and handling guy.





Sire: Copper Head (Bred by Brad Dale -- Titliest x Ellerbrock’s
Marcantel buck/Power Dunk)

Dam: Peaches (Head Games’ Triplet Sibling -- Wildcard x Werewolf/Dale)
Bred by and owned with Droppert

Entering his 3rd lamb crop Dimension continues to stamp out winners and high sellers.  His progeny are cocky fronted, tie in perfectly in their neck shoulder, opened up in there sternum with impeccable rib shape providing a foundation for massive tops.  They are elite from the side, great loined with adequate hip and lots of lower rump.  His babies have a desire to drive and show.  They are perfect for a younger showman as they are correct made and set themselves square and drive.  Yet a more experienced showman can make them truly elite from every angle.

We don’t breed a buck to more than 30 ewes typically.  While some bucks need 100 ewes or more to hang banners, Dimension has built his resume on breeding 20-30 ewes yearly.  He sired the Reserve Champion at Rodeo Austin and the popular March ewe campaigned in Nebraska, both pictured below.  Dr. Scott Greiner has evaluated 3 Dimension wethers at the American Royal and never placed them lower than 2nd.  The consistency Dimensions have found their way to the top of classes under a wide array of evaluators demonstrates his value and quality.

Dimension wethers have sold for $6600, $3600, $3000, $2400, $2000 etc.  His daughters were equally productive in their first season of production.  Although we only had a handful of Dimension daughters lamb in 2013, every wether was merchandisable for over $1000 average.

Reserve Grand Champion
Austin Livestock Show
Champion Market
Reserve Champion Market
A & B David City
Champion Ewe
Cass County
Loup Valley Livestock Challenge





Raised by Skidgel
Tonic x Guywire/Cowboy
DOB 2009

Used for AI in 2015

The old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Nikon continued to demonstrate his ability to sire wethers that can compete at the highest level.  He backed up the Reserve Medium at Houston in 2012 by siring the popular Reserve Cross at the American Royal.  He blends the popular Tonic and Guywire lines into a unique package that we can always count on to throw glass hided, shapely racked, big hipped sheep.  His Banners speak for themselves.  His wethers have sold for $5000, $3100, $3000, $2400, $2200, $2000, etc.  His daughters are gaining momentum in our operation.   2013 Corp set featured a $2200 wether out of a Nikon ewe.  At Phoenix a Dimension X Nikon was 2nd to the Grand in Class.  We are excited to see what the Nikon daughters do in 2014.

We lost Nikon during the breeding season this past fall.  So this will be his last natural service lamb crop.  However we did have him collected and do intend to continue to use him through AI in upcoming lamb crops.
Reserve Crossbred
American Royal
Reserve Champion Medium Wool
Houston Livestock Show




Ben Franklin

Used for AI in 2015

Always being the ones to try something, we utilized for AI the Franklin rams at Viking Ben Franklin and Honest Abe. We think the rib cage and body shape and structural correctness our ewes carry makes them the perfect candidates to try the Franklin bloodlines to make some home run hitter wethers. We are excited to see how these crosses work.




Honest Abe

Used for AI in 2015

Always being the ones to try something, we utilized for AI the Franklin rams at Viking Ben Franklin and Honest Abe. We think the rib cage and body shape and structural correctness our ewes carry makes them the perfect candidates to try the Franklin bloodlines to make some home run hitter wethers. We are excited to see how these crosses work.




Dimension x Austin (Trigger x AOK/Grand Slam)

We never got a photo of Bazinga due to injury. We used him for late 2014 lambs and were pleased with the touch, muscle shape, and overall look and eye appeal they possessed. He is uniquely bred combining Dimension on probably our most popular ewe. We purchased his mom, Austin, in Brian Johnson’s online sale as a ewe lamb. She has done good work for us.




Dimension x Money/Mirage

We kept Night Train in tact last year. He is the full brother to ‘50’ Ty Malechek’s Austin Reserve lamb. Night Train is super skeletoned and structured. Lots of rib shape and still has lots of power and pop. He got limited use due to his age last fall and gave us some super keeper females.




Pearl Snap

Pearl Snap
Pearl Snap
Sire: Shotgun x Link (The Dan White “Wise Buck” used by Impact)
Dam: Pearl (Night Moves x Bambino)

Bred and Owned with Droppert

Pearl Snap sired the popular natural Shilo Schaake won the Kansas Junior Livestock Expo with this past fall.  He also sired a division winner at the Nebraska State Fair Breeders Classic.  He continues to make solid functional sheep that are great bodied from the side, shallow and deep flanked.  His lambs are wide based and round bodied with ample muscle.  Yet he also offers the bells and whistles of foot, fuzz, and glass hides.  He has sired lambs selling for $4600, $3600, $2400, $2000, $2000 etc.  His daughters are beautiful females to look at and we await their lambs this year.  We already have some really elite prospects out of Pearl Snap females.

Grand Champion Market Lamb
Kansas Junior Livestock Expo





Justified Justified
Sire: Trunk (Long John x Leo)
Dam: Composure x Leverage (2nd High Seller in Elliot’s Online Bred Ewe Sale)
Bred by Elliot
Owned with Droppert, Hild, and Elliot

Following a Grand moment for the Hild Family in Des Moines when their Justified lambs won both Divisions 4 and 5 and the prestigious show, Justified was lost to a freak illness.  We only have a few lambs out of him in this lamb crop.  We expect them to be shallow bodied, shapely topped, and huge pinned with all the ingredients for major success.  We kept several daughters from him in the 2013 lamb crop and will keep more daughters in this crop so his legacy will continue to be part of our flock.





Raised by Savage
Phoenix x Ace/Ceaser
DOB 2008

We bought Money from Cele Chote, Savage Club Lambs, and used for two lamb crops.  Money’s pedigree was loaded with several shots of Ceaser, Trademark, Protocal, and Cabaniss 277.  He sired easy feeding wethers that got better with time.  But his true legacy for us lies in his daughters.  We don’t have enough of them.  Money daughters are without question some of our top producers.  Money daughters dammed our $6600 Dimension wether, the Champion Breeding ewe at the Nebraska State Fair, popular late wethers in Texas including a class winner at the Heart of Texas.  These Money daughters earn their keep and will be around our operation for years to come.






Head Games

Owned by Droppert
Wildcard x Werewolf

We only used Head Games for one year but the daughters we kept out of him were some of our top producers as ewe lambs last spring.  Head Games ewe lambs dammed our leadoff wether at the Legends Sale and an elite April wether bought by Sam Silvers and Chase McPhaul.





Young Jock x Livewire
Bred by Impact Hamps
Owned by Junk & Andrews

In 2013 lamb crop we traded breeding rights with Mike and Randy and exposed a handful of ewes to Warhorse.  Warhorse made a huge splash at the 2012 Iowa State Fair FFA show siring the Reserve Grand Lamb for the Kuesal Family, as well as the Grand and Reserve Market Ewes for the Dinsdale and Marty Families and the Reserve Middleweight Wether for the Dinsdale family  We have a select group of elite Warhorse daughters in the flock that carry their sires mass, base width, foot, and shag.






Wildcard x Cabaniss
Raised by Bell/Leonard
Owned by Junk & Andrews

We were able to utilize Jester for the 2012 and 2013 lamb crops and kept a limited but elite group of females.  Jester females are timeless in their quality and are robust ribbed, great bodies, yet stout featured and powerfully muscled.  We think Jester ewes are maternal powerhouses with a proven record in the Junk, Droppert, and Hild flocks.  The 2013 Iowa 4H Grand’s dam had Jester in her pedigree.







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