Hassebrook Show Lambs   - Nebraska's NEWEST Show Lamb Source!
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About Us
Hassebrook Show Lambs   - Nebraska's NEWEST Show Lamb Source!

Service After The Sale

We are both firm believers in the 4-H and FFA programs and the value of youth livestockshows. We hope to be of service to our customers long after lambs are weaned and delivered. We are willing to help out any family who purchases lambs from us with any questions they may have. We may not have all the answers, but we will try to provide any help we can.

One thing we both take great joy in is working with young showmen as they hone their showmanship abilities. We have been fortunate enough to work with a number of past Nebraska State Fair 4-H and FFA showmanship champions. It’s fun to win the live show, and raising lambs that can win banners is our goal. But we also don’t lose sight of the fact that this program is about youth. We feel it is an honor to have been asked for advice on showmanship and to see these hardworking kids enjoy much earned success.

Our commitment to our loyal customers has also prompted us to host the 2015 Hassebrook Show Lambs Futurity to be held in conjunction with the Breeders Select Elite Show Lamb Futurity Challenge, presented by Willoughby Sales on Saturday, June 13, at Ag Park in Columbus, NE. All wether and ewe lambs purchased from the 2015 Hassebrook lamb crop are eligible for show. Lambs will be judged as prospect/progress market lambs. Classes will be broken by weight.

Grand Champion Lamb will receive a total prize of $1000 ($500 Cash and $500 Sale Credit for the 2016 Lamb Sale Season). Reserve will receive a $500 prize ($250 cash and $250 2016 Sale Credit). Cash, sale credit, or prizes will be available to EVERY lamb that is shown.

Any Hassebrook Lamb purchased through a sale managed by Willoughby Sales will also be eligible for the Breeders Select Elite Show Lamb Futurity Challengeheld the same day as the Hassebrook Futurity. Don’t miss this opportunity for two great Futurity Shows in one day at one location in Columbus, NE. Lambs will also be eligible for additional shows the same weekend in Columbus, NE.





Ewe Base

Following the conclusion of Ryan’s show career, we wanted to maintain our involvement withthe show ring, and specifically market lambs. We put together our ewe base with initial ewe purchases from Jeremy Lovitt when he decided to sell his flock. We also bought some ewes from Brad Dale. These ewes provided the foundation. We initially worked with Kent Langmeier and were able to build our ewe base with daughters of some of the popular rams he used, specifically 4-D Large, Mayhem, PBR, and Johnny Hancock.

In the following years, we made two different trips to the Brian Johnson flock in Oklahoma adding genetics from some of his great sires including Trigger, AOK, and Wildfire. We’ve added additional depth thanks to a select group of elite females from Cele Chote Stone, Savage Club Lambs in Texas. We added base width, and foot size with a trip to Roswell, NM, and a purchase of a powerful set of ewes from Cody Burson that included daughters of Leo, Long John, Reality Check, and Steel.

We continue to retain our top females each year to add to the depth and overall quality of our ewe base. We have been thrilled with the performance of females from some of our own proven sires, Dimension, Pearl Snap, Nikon, Justified and Money. These females have truly become the back bone of our program. As we move forward with the next generation of our program with daughters out of 54, Angry Bird and Blindside, we haven’t lost sight of our goal: to build a program of elite ewes that produce champion wethers consistently from any sire.





Our Vision

We are a young flock, and like everyone else trying to build the great one.  We are striving to raise sheep that will be the easy-feeding kind.  We believe lambs should get better every day of their life and look their best at market weight.  Our preference is for “complete” lambs.  By that we mean we don’t like to chase fads but rather raise sheep are sound structured, correct in their skeleton, round ribbed, cool bodied, and wide based, maximizing the amount of muscle shape and dimension we can put in this package.  Times may change, fads may change, but a complete lamb will always be competitive.





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